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Institute for a Bright Future is dedicated to replicating the Bright Future program, enabling a greater number of students to experience success. Districts and colleges who partner together to offer Bright Future in their area can expect to reach a demographic of students typically underserved in traditional programs. Here's a sampling of the students currently served through the existing Bright Future Program:

  • 85% students of color

  • 74% female

  • 16% English language learners

  • 10% special education students


Washington State:

Vocational Schools & Colleges


Public High Schools


At present qualified Bright Future students can enroll into the following professional technical programs at Seattle Vocational Institute

Allied Health Division:

  • Medical Assistant

  • Dental Assistant

  • Medical Administrative Assistant

  • Phlebotomy

Business Computer Division

Pre-Apprenticeship Construction Training

School of Cosmetology

The Institute for a Bright Future's mission is to increase the number of professional technical programs that are available to Bright Future students by expanding into other colleges in Washington and across the nation.  If you do not yet see a program you are interested, please bookmark our page.  We will update this page as new programs are available.

Please contact us if you are interested in bringing the Bright Future program to your area at (206) 227-5785 and ask for Reza Khastou.