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RezaKhastou 171x257Reza Khastou is Founder and Director of Bright Future Program, part of the Running Start system enabling high school students to participate in local career training programs within community colleges. He is also a founding member of the Institute for a Bright Future, dedicated to replicating the Bright Future Program into other geographic areas. Concurrently, he serves as Director of Transitional Services and Adult Basic Education at Seattle Vocational Institute. Throughout his 30 years' career, Reza has functioned as a school administrator, teacher, advisor, business owner, and private consultant. His ability to communicate effectively with high school, community colleges, and vocational training facilities has enabled him to develop and implement effective workforce education programs that create meaningful options for high school students. Reza has been recognized professionally for his innovative work through multiple awards, including the KCTS Golden Apple Award in 2007, the Governor's Best Practice Award in 2009, and the Seattle Community Colleges Trustees Lifelong Learning Award in 2011.

Reza earned a bachelor's degree in political science from the College of Political and Social Studies in Tehran. He holds a Master of Education degree in Instructional Communication from Eastern Washington University. He serves on the board of directors for 501 Commons, a valuable resource focused on helping nonprofit organizations increase capacity, and is an advisor to Bright Future Dollars for Scholars. Reza is a frequent public speaker within the greater Seattle area, presenting to student, parent, and professional audiences.