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  • Medical Program

    I am convinced Bright Future has made me the best medic in my unit! ~ Brandon A.
  • Dental Program

    Now I am completely focused on my future because of the Bright Future Program. ~ Brandon S.
  • Construction Program

    Without y'all I would be a high school drop out doing nothing with my life. You both gave me an opportunity that I'll never forget. ~Zainab H.
  • Technology Program

    I plan to... continue taking computer classes at a two-year college to get my AA degree. ~ Markara S.
  • Cosmetology Program

    I am very motivated and dedicated to school now. I am doing something I love everyday. ~ Maria W.
  • Business Program

    I learned many important business skills in the Bright Future Program. ~ Kiem L.
  • Computer Program

    All... that Bright FutureProgram has provided me will help achieve my plans and goals. ~ Thuy An N.
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WelcomeBrightFutureThe Institute for Bright Futures has developed a proven educational program that has long-standing success working with at-risk high school students.  The program works closely with these students to keep them engaged by offering vocational apprenticeship and training during high school.  These students acquire both college and high school credit with the Bright Future program, earning both industry certificates and a high school diploma.  After graduation, Bright Future helps students transition to gainful employment providing a living wage or further education.

What Is The Bright Future Program?

High school students enter college level training programs in high school.

  • The college courses are funded using the dual enrollment funding from state or local levels model. There is no cost to the student.

  • Credits count for both college certificate programs and high school graduation requirements.

  • Bright Future provides wrap-around support, ensuring that students gain the maximum benefit from the opportunity.

  • Bright Future also provides case management and support for the transition to post-secondary instruction.


  • Bright Future students graduate high school at a rate of 85%, as contrasted with 76% for the general population in WA State.

  • Bright Future students earned professional certificates at a rate of 69%, as contrasted with only 27% of community college students.

  • Bright Future students represent a greater level of diversity, representing students of color, special education students, low-income, and other at-risk categories of students.

  • Bright Future helps districts and schools meet the new Common Core graduation requirements.

How Does the Institute for a Bright Future Work?

  • Institute for a Bright Future is dedicated to replicating the Bright Future program, enabling a greater number of students to be served.

  • Establishing a Bright Future program may be initiated by either a public school district or community college.

  • Founder Reza Khastou prepares and presents information for all stakeholders.

  • Reza negotiates an interlocal agreement between the agencies, and drafts a Memo of Understanding (MoU).

  • Once the MoU is signed by all parties, a Bright Future advisor is selected or hired.

  • Reza and Institute for a Bright Future provides staff training, modeling student recruiting, advising, and case management.

  • After a maximum of 2 years, the program is self-sustaining. Institute for a Bright Future remains available for consultation as needed.

2007 Golden Apple Award Winner Bright Future Program

Reza2007GoldenAppleAward 720

Public Broadcasting station KCTS9 Seattle names the Bright Future Program the 2007 Golden Apple Award Winner! 

Bright Future was also recognized as 2009 Governor’s Best Practice Award in Partnership with Health Careers for Youth Grant.

The Power Of The Bright Future Program


Download our latest PowerPoint presentation showing the powerful difference of the Bright Future program.

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Grads Bright Future Dollars for Scholars appreciates your generosity. The Bright Future administration and the Board of Directors review students' needs every quarter. Your partnership means that the cost of a book or a uniform will not keep a Bright Future student from achieving his or her goals.